riley and i are in much better shape now

Riley and I went for a 4.3mi walk on Tuesday (link goes to Gmap Pedometer route). I figured we would walk until he stopped pulling at the leash for me to go faster. That took 1.57mi across Oak Bay into Fairfield. Then we followed the new Oak Bay Centennial Trail along the ocean, looking out at the end-of-the-world view I love so very very much. We walked up Gonzales Hill, Riley bouncing up the rough granite steps and then looking back at me to tell me to keep up. I stopped to admire the view, and then we walked back down through Oak Bay to home. I feel I am back in better walking condition, and Riley is certainly in better shape than he was when I got home last Friday.

Seriously, there is no therapy for stress quite like walking through someplace beautiful. And its even better when you have a large dog who stops to nudge your hand every little while, just so he can tell you how much he is enjoying the walk and how much he adores you.

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