if this works, my tivo is now a slingbox

One of the things that mildly annoys me about going home is missing American TV. I don’t watch THAT much TV, but what I do, I’m very intent on seeing. Like, y’know, Weeds. Or, yes, I admit it, I will be disappointed if I have to wait a whole week to see the season premiere of My Name Is Earl.

Therefore, I Google’d transferring TIVO shows over the Interweb, and got this thread. It was VERY VERY HELPFUL. Now I can access my TiVO like a web server, and download shows that can be watched with the TiVO software. It’s a very considerate back door fix that allows even tech-competent folks to access their shows remotely (if it works), but doesn’t violate TiVO’s copyright and content access restrictions. TiVO does not sanction this method of watching TV. Very smart, TiVO.

If it works from outside my home network…my TiVO is basically a Slingbox, and I will be up to date on all the season premieres while on the go next week. Too cool.

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