oh, this is why my commute sucks

I drive thirty to forty minutes west of my home to get to work. It’s eight miles, but because the streets between downtown and the Westside are all congested (especially this far north of the 10), it takes twice as long with traffic.

Today, I learned that there was supposed to be a freeway along Santa Monica Boulevard to take all that traffic congestion. The Beverly Hills Freeway was never built, but it would have taken the gridlock off the streets from Wilshire up to Sunset, and put it on a freeway running east-west. I’ve always wondered why there was no freeway north of the 10, even though the commuter patterns were always there. Now I know.

So that’s why my commute is frustrating. I can’t say I blame the residents of Beverly Hills for not wanting another I-10 running through their neighborhood…but couldn’t they just have had a LITTLE freeway, something like the 110?

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