adorable corporate email

Yahoo Photos is shutting down in September. So Yahoo asked nicely if they could merge my photos into one of several photo services, preferably to Flickr. If it didn’t work so well for me, I might have been annoyed – but it’s actually a service to me to get those photos from 2003 into my current Flickr account.

So here’s the cutesy, adorable email that the Yahoo/Flickr folk sent. You could almost believe YHOO wasn’t a major stock symbol, and hear the banjos in the background. I wonder who wrote it?

[Flickr] Yay! You’re bringing your Yahoo! Photos over!
From: Flickr Mail (
Sent:Sun 7/01/07 1:10 AM
To: jillian’s hotmail address

Hi rain queen –

This is just a little note to say hi, and to confirm that you’ve decided to move all your photos from Yahoo! Photos to Flickr. This is fabulous! It could take a little while for the import process to finish, so when it’s finished we’ll send you another email to let you know.

We’ve marked all your photos from Yahoo! as private,because we didn’t want to assume that you’re comfortable with making everything public until you’ve had a chance to look things over. If you’re happy to make things public, we’ve written a one-time batch tool you can use to set your photos public (or for friends or family) all at once. We’ll be in touch again soon to let you know it’s all done.

In the mean time, why not explore Flickr?
The Flickreenos

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