this week in the life of jillian

We just got a big new client!

A big new important client!

A big new important client that is the most important thing EVER for the company partners!

I wasn’t assigned to this client originally. But I went and opened my big fat mouth, and next thing I know, I’m on the team. And then my boss tells me that my promotion is riding on how I handle it. Do well, get a promotion faster. The alternative is unspoken: if you don’t survive this, you may not be as tough as we need you to be.

Lately, I’m already working hard. I have three active clients, and occasionally chime in on dormant ones that fall under my domain. I had a pretty full workday. So when an additional six hours of a work per day fell into my lap, it kind of overloaded my circuits. This isn’t just time management, but priority management for me. And it’s harsh. Between meetings and work for this top-priority new client, I do still have to manage my old ones, and deliver to them the same levels of customer service they would receive if they were my only clients.

This is a challenge. My bosses know it. And that’s why I’m being tested like this. It’s just resulted in a few weeks of extremely long days. Things might settle down around mid-July. I’m on day three of a month of fourteen hour days – and I’m exhausted NOW.

I have to get back to the salt mines now. I just felt like saying, well, I’m working harder than I ever have before in my life. Sigh.

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