stupid work

I was here at 7:30 this morning & will be here until well after 8. I am pushing to go on vacation WITHOUT having to take a laptop, but damn, it sucks.

I plan to ditch by 9 at the latest though. I have to get to the gym, because with all the hours I spend here, I think my ass is expanding to fit my office chair.

I wanted to work this weekend, but I never got around to it. Saturday just disappeared – between some light housework, shopping online, a half-assed attempt at going to the gym, errands, all those fun things, it was just gone. Sunday, yesterday, I was at Disneyland all day. Disneyland is awesome. Star Tours will never get old. Pirates is still fun. I love reverting to childlike glee.

– 2 days to Victoria
– 5 days to Vancouver
– 90 days until Bats Day
– 410 days until the wedding

Back to reports. Sigh.

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