goth cover songs

So the fiance and I were having a discussion about goth cover songs a while ago, and this is my list. These are all goth or new wave or post-punk tracks covered by same. I know I’m probably missing a slew, but I think I did pretty well coming up with 12…and not repeating
myself, OR resorting to considering New Order covering Joy Division.

1. snake river conspiracy – lovesong (original by the cure)
2. cure – world in my eyes (original by depeche mode)
3. apoptygma bezerk – coma white (original by metallica, correct?)
4. NIN – dead souls (original by joy division)
5. voltaire – caught a lite sneeze (original by tori amos)
6. last dance – dead man’s party (original by oingo boingo)
7. placebo – running up that hill (original by faith & the muse)
8. mesh – document (original by assemblage 23)
9. siouxsie – passenger (original by iggy pop)
10. devo – head like a hole (original by nine inch nails)
11. gary jules – mad world (original by tears for fears)
12. cruxshadows – here comes the rain again (original by the eurythmics)

13. regenerator – love my way (original by the psychedelic furs)
14. heaven 17 – don’t fear the reaper (original by blue oyster cult – and I have actually heard that played at the Mercury in Seattle)

I’m burning CD sets with the original followed by the re-interpretation. My favorite covers are those where the song is totally re-interpreted. That’s something I think is present in each of the above songs, that it was re-interpreted in a unique style.

Now, here’s the fun part. The four people to send me the best cover songs I HADN’T thought of (MUST meet the goth association) get copies of said CD sets. Submit your songs & I’ll mail you the CDs. I need to round this out a little more – and no, dream_king, I am
NOT including that Erasure cover of “Lay All Your Love On Me” (even though I love it). Submit your song suggestions in the comments!

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