more random coincidences

I was talking to Steve “Captain Canoe” Price on MSN this morning. He was in Belgium, travelling around Europe with his lovely fiancee (and another AUS friend of mine) Christina. He’d said a couple things I registered as weird – like knowing I had a nice apartment, or knowing I was on Couchsurfing – but I didn’t really figure out why. Then he told me that he’d run into a friend of mine in Madrid.

“WHO?!?!” I typed. Turns out, it was Deena. Who left for Europe about five weeks ago. She’s over there on a round-the-world trip, making a documentary and experiencing her lifetime dream. And just the other day, I was wondering where she was, and if she was OK. Turns out she’s just fine. And she was staying at the same host as Steve and Christina. How random is THAT?

My connection came up when they all went out for dinner together, and Steve told Deena he was a recruiter for UBC. “Oh,” Deena said. “Do you know about the big concert they have there every year?” Given that Steve is in the ACF Video LYING ON A PILE OF GEOTEK, I think that yes, he is familiar with it. So the connection was made, that all of them, these three random couchsurfers in the middle of Madrid, were friends of me, Jillian, ex-Vancouverite, back in L.A.

Apparently, my reach is worldwide. I should work more on developing myself as a brand.

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