creative car horns

The people across the street from us have a produce truck. A produce truck with the horm pimped out to play La Cucaracha

We hear it coming home. “La cu-ca-ra-cha, la-cu-ca-ra-cha, da da da-da-da-da dum!”

Sometimes we hear it five times in a row. Sometimes, we only hear one cucaracha. Sometimes, we just hear it trailing off: “La cu-caaa-raaaa-chaaaaa….daaaaaa….daaaaaa…daaa…, like it’s just running out of steam.

Tonight, we were watching the Office when we just hear the “da da da-da-da-da dum!” And that was all. And for some reason, that was just hilarious. The tune may be annoying in its entirety, but somehow – random chunks of it are hilarious!

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