more GTD!

OMG. So I just found this site:

and it RULES. Seriously.

I’m trying to get to the Next Level of GTD, which is implementing daily and weekly reviews. Right now, I start my day by feeling like a million things are coming at me at once, and, being unable to deal with it, I procrastinate. It is not good. Especially not since my account load has doubled in the last couple months, and I’m dealing with new clients, new projects…and the responsibility of working directly with higher-ups more often.

Work rules, but I’m having trouble ruling work. I’m trying to make sure things don’t slip through the cracks, and it’s tough. A couple years ago, I thought I could remember everything – now, I know, I can’t. And finding ways to store and organize information, or to remind myself of actions and followups, is a constant challenge. But I tell myself how far I’ve come, that I have gone from being a disorganized, unreliable employee to being a highly valued, dependable member of a team. And as I develop more GTD kung fu, it will only get better.

Another useful link, if you’re re-disciplining (as I am) (or disciplining for the first time) on GTD, check out:

This is a list of “triggers” to get you thinking about the initial “brain dump” you will need to start GTD. I find it immensely helpful. And it reminds you, just how much you may have at the back of your mind, taking up space that could be used to do useful things.

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