y’arrr. thar be bootie.

Last week, heathervescent posted that she would be doing another performance at Bootie. Last time, it was Hollaback Thriller. This time, it was the Material Mouseketeers. It’ll all make sense once the video is up, I promise.
But still, it gave me and my mini-posse – fellow tall Jewish girls Amanda and Wendy – a chance to hit Bootie and shake ours, and we LOVED it. Seriously. From the moment we walked in to the club, we danced, right up until we left two hours later. We walked in to a mash-up of Satisfactions – the Benny Benassi track mixed with the Rolling Stones version – and found the floor of the Echo packed. And it was packed with all styles and subcultures, all people in their twenties and thirties all having the time of their lives dancing. I may love, love, love dancing at the goth clubs, but it’s even more fun to just go shake it to something funky/catchy, all mixed up for sometimes hilarious results, in a non-goth environment. It’s why I love going to the Lotus when I’m up in Vancouver, and it’s why I’ll make it to Bootie again ASAP if it kills me. Seriously. I’m sure the pix will be up on DrunkRockers.com to show just how much fun I was having.

I did also leave Paul at home last night – it was a girls’ night, after all. Plus, he was tired. Besides, we’re spending the rest of our lives together. Which has more to it than just the two of us – his parental units called to “welcome me to the family” on Saturday. His mom also wanted to start talking about the wedding. Thankfully, with all my obsessing over throwing a perfect, eco-friendly, Victorian-and-goth-inspired, wedding in Canada lately, I’ve got a lot of the initial planning already out of the way. I have a preliminary list of venues to check out, between my online research and my mom’s networking. I explained to Paul’s mom that we would deal with catering and booze once we booked a venue, depending on whether or not we would be using the venue caterer and barstaff, or outsourcing, hiring caterers and barstaff ourselves. I explained that we planned to get our engagement announcements once we have photos (that are non-goth), that I’ll have save-the-dates out next January with hotel and travel details, and that I will get invitations out next spring. And, most importantly, I convinced her I was serious because I have external help. cracksmurf is PM for my wedding, but for non-ACF fluent people (parents and co-workers, mostly), I call him my wedding coordinator. And the sheer existence of a wedding coordinator calmed my future MIL right down. I didn’t mention that my wedding coordinator is best known for running awesome rock concerts and mixing Muppet show clips into his DJ sets. I just told her that he was going to work on all the stuff like heat lamps and lighting if we needed it, sound systems, technical details.

Paul’s mom was somewhat impressed – which is good. I want her thinking that her oldest son is marrying a somewhat capable woman, who has her act together enough to also reproduce and not, say, misplace a kid. She called me an “organized little devil,” which I found adorable. I love my future MIL – I’m insanely lucky – and I would prefer to demonstrate organization and competency. Plus, it says something to me that I, Jillian, have somehow managed to pull myself together. Could I have pulled off a wedding in my mindset of two years ago, pre-GTD, without, say, losing it and assembling favors right up until 4am the night before? No. The fact that I’m timelining my whole wedding and project managing it enough to address every single one of my future MIL’s concerns shows me that I get my act together more and more all the time.

Now, if I can just demonstrate those skills at work and be two steps ahead of the boss in the same way, I will RULE.

And for that, sleep might be a good idea.

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