my engagement ring is on my desk

‘K. So for everyone who hasn’t quite figured out how I’m planning a wedding without an engagement, here’s what happened. Basically, my family wanted me to have my grandmother’s wedding ring as an engagement ring, so Paul and I have been waiting for six weeks for my uncle to send it. Paul would have loved to propose weeks ago, but I said once I didn’t want a proposal without the ring, and he was sticking to that. So, while I KNOW we’re getting married, and I KNOW we want to spend the rest of our lives together, and I KNOW my boyfriend is looking forward to actually marrying me – I don’t have the official engagement to back it up.

(Trust me on this one, folks – Paul has already told most of his friends to make sure they have passports so they can travel to Canada next summer for our wedding. A man who wasn’t serious about proposing would not do such things.)

However, the ring is FINALLY here. So now, my boyfriend can execute whatever plan he has to ask me for my hand in marriage. I know he’s up to something, but I have no idea what. He says he wants to make it at least a bit special though, even if it is anticlimactic after all the drama surrounding getting the ring. I also know I’ve broken every tradition possible, and probably violated a whole slew of Rules in the way this has been handled – I’ve known about the marriage for too long without a proposal – but as Paul says, neither of us excels at being typical for our gender.

I also know that the transition from “boyfriend” to “fiance” is due sometime in the next three weeks. When is anyone’s guess – except Paul’s. So there will be a slight element of surprise. But then, I’ve never had a single doubt about my boyfriend’s intent to marry me since we got truly serious last summer. Even if he had bought the ring himself, and I’d been left completely out of it, I still would have known it was going to happen sometime this spring. Marriage, and the rest of our lives together, is inevitable.

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