a slight repeat of history

The big inspiration for me to get a digital camera, three years ago,
was that I was going to New Orleans.

That camera is no longer in its prime (translation: blurs regular
photos and overexposes when the flash is on), so, because I’m going to
New Orleans (yet again) soon, I ordered a new one off Amazon. I had
some gift certificates to use, the result of trading in my American
Airlines miles after realizing I WAS NEVER GOING TO GET TO USE THEM.
Better I get a camera than have to work with blackout dates. So this little beastie will get here in a few days,
along with a 1GB card, a 2 year warranty, and a carrying case.

I’m really looking forward to having a good camera again. I
think it really adds to my blogging when I can put in photos – and I
really regret not being able to take photos of my boyfriend when he
looked all hot in his tux at the wedding in JAX two weekends ago.

And why are we going to New Orleans, you ask? Because it has been almost
a year
since Paul asked me to dance at Bar Sinister, and a
Romantic Anniversary Weekend was called for. And because we are
visiting with Paul’s family while we’re there. Paul’s father’s
family’s ancestral homestead is an hour out of the city, and Paul’s
aunt is still there. In addition, his parents have been able to
coincide their visit with ours, so it will be a very small family
reunion. Since I adore Paul’s parents (my future in laws are
AWESOME), I’m very happy about that.

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