a sense of relief

I got into work today to find a list of followup items in my inbox
from the VP in our NYC location. I admit, I had to stop and breathe.
My client list doubled a couple weeks ago, and I’ve got twice as much
going on at work as a result. It’s a lot of moving parts, and a lot
of tasks and projects and keeping track of things.

But after I stopped and breathed, I realized – I could answer every
question I was asked. I knew what was going on. I think that’s where
all the energy is going that used to go into, say, blogging: into
work, and then into being brain-dead while I recuperate after work.

Regardless, I’m proud of myself today. I feel like I’m really
accomplishing things. Even with the low-grade sinus infection I have
today. I just had to stop and reflect on that for a moment.

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