this week’s random myspace email

Ever since I turned my MySpace profile (link at right) from Slaphappy Venice Beach Resident to Weird Goth Girl, I’ve gotten almost zero random emails from guys in the “HI UR SEXXY. YOU SHOULD CALL ME CAUSE I HAVE HUGE PENIS.” vein. No “Hi, I’m a creepy fifty year old but I’m young at heart so I like girls half my age,” emails, no “I’m 20 and like older women,” NOTHING. It’s awesome. Except for today’s:

It reads:

Date: Jan 17, 2007 10:33 PM
Subject: ih
Body: Hi Hottieee
I am Dave near LAX…was wondering if you wanna chat on yahoo…
my yahoo Id is ur_Dream_merchant2004
aim urdreammerchant
Was wondering if i could spoil you with gifts/pay your shopping bills n stuff


Congrats, Dave near LAX! You’re this week’s MySpace Wacko Of The Week!

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