the eleven year itch

I realized a few things today:

1) I have not been updating my blog at all lately. That’s what that
weird itchy feeling is: the desire to write.

2) I have not been reading my FRIENDS’ blogs. Which is just
inexcusable. I’ve been reading a lot of books instead, because those
didn’t require functioning internet (which I was deprived of at home

3) Speaking of that, I’ve read five full length library books so far
this year, according to my posts of 50bookchallenge. They

  • Lisa Under – “Beautiful Lies”
  • Philippa Gregory – “The Virgin’s Lover”
  • Joanne “Chocolat” Harris – “Blackberry Wine”
  • Ann Marie Macdonale – “Fall On Your Knees” (in all its epic-ness)


  • Marvel 1602. Which was just beautifully done.

    Oh, and I re-read the first two volumes of Sandman comics
    because I bought myself “The Absolute Sandman” – an immense,
    beautifully reprinted hard-bound volume – with the gift certificates
    to Amazon my sisters got me. I first read those graphic novels when I
    was a teenager in Victoria, sulking around Java in ragged black
    dresses, the year I was a college dropout in 1997 or so. I re-visited
    the books last year, and the more I read them, the more details I
    notice, the more references, and oddities, and ingenuities I catch.
    Especially with the high-quality reprint and the readers’ guides in
    the Absolute edition.

    That first reading, though, that year back in Victoria was ten years
    ago, incidentally. Which leads me to the last thing:

    3) As of the end of this month, I will have been blogging for eleven
    years. I started in January, 1996. Just for the record. This
    officially makes me one of the oldest bloggers out there, in terms of
    blog-years, not human years.

    Although, I wonder now, how long will I keep up this blog? It’s
    slipping already because I’m too busy transitioning into this weird
    thing called adulthood (the last step seems to be from Post-College to
    Young Married) to keep it up. Will I be updating my Livejournal when
    I’m married? Will I be blogging when we have kids? I know people DO,
    obviously – but they’re not me. And since I created a blog for an
    identity as a teenager, and kept it for ten years more as a record of
    parties and socializing – do I transition it now, or will I just end
    up letting it atrophy as I have been?

    For that reason, perhaps I should re-join the blogging, and see if
    it’s something that I am still part of, that is still part of me.
    Yes. I should do that. I certainly have the time now that I’m not
    driving to freakin’ Pasadena three times a week. Perhaps I’ll join
    the land of the living, in terms of the blogosphere.

    And, might I add, when I started this, eleven years ago, we called
    them “webjournals”. And I was goth without knowing that was the word.
    And the world was a different place that it is now.

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