the chrismukkuh miracle

Today, to make a 0730 flight, I had to be at LAX at 0600. That would give me time to check bags and get on the flight home.

I bought a new Crackberry yesterday, and didn’t check to be sure the alarm was ON.

I woke up at 0645 and burst into tears. How would I make to LAX in time? Baggage check was alread closed. I’d never have time for security. But I thought, just maybe, if I took my car and Paul took it to longterm after dropping me off, I could make it to the flight.

It worked. I’m writing this from YVR. I’m going to be home for Xmas. Of course, I had to leave my checked bags behind, so no one is getting presents from me until I can mail them…but I made the plane, and the connection to YYJ. Besides, Xmukkuh isn’t about stuff, it’s about being home with your family in Whoville.

Now, anyone got an idea on how to get my keys by Monday from my boyfriend who is in PA until Tuesday?

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