we got the apartment!

We were approved yesterday for our new apartment! This is the one we
loved so much on Sunday, the apartment that Paul and I will move into
on the first day of 2007.

Some more about it:

  • the building is in a neighborhood we have dubbed “Si-Fi” on b.la, as my post this morning explains
  • we are close to Silverlake, close to downtown, and within ten minutes of almost every goth club or event
  • the apartment itself is in a 1920s Italianate style townhouse building, only instead of being compact like a San Francisco building, it’s sprawling to take up more of the L.A. space.
  • the garage is dug into the hill under the house
  • there are three tall west-facing windows, with the original imperfect glass, in the living room
  • there are gleaming hardwood floors and classic plaster moldings in every room
  • there is a full sized dining room
  • the kitchen has the original 1940s gas range stove, perfectly working & clean
  • there is a dishwasher AND a washer/dryer!
  • the apartment is old enough to have a separate linen closet outside the bathroom that is just like the one we had in my parents’ 1929 house
  • there is one bathroom with a mid-century tub and pedestal sink
  • the smaller bedroom is the perfect size for a home office -slash- guest room
  • the larger bedroom is big enough for a queen sized bed AND furniture
  • the master bedroom also has French doors that open up onto a patio on top of the garages
  • the patio is HUGE and will look amazing with a few planters and wrought-iron patio furniture, and I intend to drink my cafe au lait out there on weekends
  • the building is done in mauve, pink and cream, with native California plants in the strip of garden by the sidewalk, and all of it is immaculately kept
  • deposit is only a half month’s rent because our new landlords prefer to rent to tenants they can trust, so they don’t have to ask as much deposit
  • it is totally gorgeous and totally unique, yet exactly what I wanted
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