not posted to metblogs after all

decided this was more a personal blog than a item:

While we’ve been having Summer, Part Three here for the last two weeks, it’s been storming up in the Pacific Northwest. There have been record rains, resulting in floods from Oregon to British Columbia. But it really hit home this week when I found out that the water in Vancouver was actually unsafe due to the rain. The storm has stirred up the resevoir so much that the water is silty, and residents of Vancouver, as well as some other smaller BC cities like Nanaimo, have been told to boil tap water before drinking it.

What does this have to do with Los Angeles? More than anything (even watching Jericho), it made me feel the need to stock up on those emergency kit items. Vancouver, BC is the last place on earth I would expect to have drinking water issues. If there’s a run on drinking water in a city that gets THAT much rain, then I feel compelled to make a safety announcement to Los Angeles, where water in its river and rain forms is much more scarce. Please buy your emergency drinking water now.

As for Vancouver, the worst of the crisis is over. Jeffrey at Metroblogging Vancouver reports that coffee shops are able to serve again. Water is heated enough in the process to make the coffee, although it still must be boiled before drinking directly. But I’m taking this seriously: if I need clean water to get my caffeine fix, I’d better stockpile it early.

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