a new life milestone

I have finally, FINALLY outgrown having to furnish a home in IKEA!
This is a major life milestone! That whole post I did a while ago
about being a grownup? Here’s the definition: not having to furnish
your home in a mishmash of IKEA and Craigslist. I’ve always done that
out of financial need, and a kind of “why bother, I’ll just be moving
soon & dumping it” philosophy. Now, I have a hope of getting an
semi-permanent home with the boyfriend soon. In fact, when it comes
time to decorate our dream Echo Park/Silverlake bungalow, we may be
able to step all the way up to H.D. Buttercup!!

Add to being a grownup: enough permanence that it’s actually worth the
time, effort and money to nest.

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