the city of lost angels

Well, according to Gothic Beauty Magazine, Los Angeles (or, as they call it, “the city of lost angels”, because that is WAY more dark) is the best city to be a goth in. Provided, that is, one is a goth with a solid job: we may have something like 23 club nights a month, plus random stuff like goth roller skating and goth trips to Disneyland, but we are an expensive city to live in.

I’m not shocked. I don’t think I would have fallen this far back into the goth scene if I hadn’t been in L.A. Seattle’s scene isn’t even what it was when I first got my membership to the Mercury. And I think about this every so often and realize – I’m a lot happier as a goth. I listen to more new music, feel more comfortable in black, and empathize more with the subculture. I’m never going to approach it with the dedication I admire in others, but I’m a lot happier acknowledging my liking for goth, than I was pushing it back. I’m a lot happier now that I’ve stopped interpreting “grown up” as “assimilating to a collective ideal.”

Anyways. I actually haven’t even been out to the clubs lately. Paul and I have devolved into one of those couples that Stay Home On Weekends And Sleep. Or try to. Last weekend, we ended up going out with other couples two nights in a row, both connections of Paul’s. We went out with a couple of his friends who were up from San Diego on Friday, for sushi in Old Town Pasadena. Saturday, we hosted newlywed friends for dinner. Sunday, we thought about going to Malediction – I miss it – but ended up staying in, so I could write entries. I find myself more tired than I like lately, and I’ve realized that taking weekends off to stay in with my boyfriend isn’t a bad thing. Paul slows me down from my usual mania, and I drag him out to socialize more than he did before. It’s a pretty fair tradeoff.

This weekend, we’ll obviously be hitting the clubs fairly hard. It is, after all, Hallowe’en – and if anything, the ritual of entry into the dark part of the year is highly appropriate for goth clubs. I’m fairly certain that somewhere in my British Isles mixed heritage, an awful lot of ancestors celebrated the pagan holidays now known as Hallowe’en. However, since the whole holiday has been corrupted, there’s an awful lot of parties going on. I may need next weekend to be lame and sleep again – this weekend threatens to run from Friday through next Tuesday.

So that’s it. For now, I’m going to go get some sleep, and prepare for the upcoming weekend. Which I will be celebrating in the #1 city for goths in America. According to a completely unscientific survey. Yay.

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