futurepop weekend kickoff

Did I mention I’m seeing VNV Nation tonight at Das Bunker? I’m pretty sure I
did, but hey – I’m seeing VNV Nation in a 900 person club show in
less than eight hours
. I’m listening to Pastperfect, the
live CD now, to psych myself up (they’re only playing stuff from
Empires and earlier, not from Futureperfect or Matter + Form, but I’m
still extremely happy about going)

And in three more days, I’m seeing Swedish gothic futurepop band Covenant at Knitting

Oh, and I’m spending Sunday at Disneyland, but I can only be excited
for so many things at once. Right now, it happens to be an entire
weekend of EBM. Tomorrow, I will be excited about spending Sunday at
Disneyland for the Hallowe’en decor, but right now, it’s the
seven-hours-and-change until the show.

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