hallowe’en costume season

Today, I went with Paul to a costume shop in South Pasadena. I think it was the reason he wanted to go to the Fair Oaks Pharmacy – their soda fountain is just down the street from the best Hallowe’en shop in the area.

I was idly perusing the prepackaged costume wall, dismissing items one by one. I was a pirate last year; this year, I was planning to be a Viking. My roomate and I were both going to go as “Wikings” because they are the ORIGINAL pirates. But then I noticed – the costume selection was actually quite good. Very good. And then I realized they had goth versions of popular costumes.

Unfortunately, goth Snow White (“Snow Fright”) was sold out, and I’ve never been able to look at that character quite the same after reading “Snow, Glass, Apples”. But they DID have “Little Dead Riding Hood”

There. Hallowe’en can start now.

And my boyfriend says that I do that costume more justice than the picture. Which is one of the many, many reasons I love him.

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