splatter patterns

Last night, I blew out candles. In the dark. With my glasses off.

This turned out to be a particularly stupid idea. I was immediately splattered by red wax. I considered myself fortunate not to get any in my eye, and then dismissed the incident and went to bed.

This morning, I woke up, and realized that there was something on my wall. And my mirror. And my desk chair. The wax somehow managed to form a splatter pattern over a few square feet. Sigh. My weekend will now include removing it with injury-hot water.

In other, news though, there are a few of you reading this from Vancouver who didn’t get this email – but I’m in town the 8th – 9th of October. This is part of the big Canadian Thanksgiving weekend, where my boyfriend is meeting my family. And that extends over the water to my old friends from university. So, if you didn’t get an email from me today, it is because I do not have your address, and you should contact me immediately to let me know if you will be around for a) drinks on Sunday night followed by b) Lotus Long Weekend and c) sushi on Monday to recover as per always.

Oh, and this also means that, because Paul is coming home with me for Canadian Thanksgiving, I’m going to Pittsburgh for American. Do you all know what the regional delicacy is in Pittsburgh? It’s something called a Primanti sandwich, which has fries in the sandwich. Paul explained that it has fries and coleslaw, but according to Wikipedia, “It consists of a piece of grilled meat, cole slaw, a fried egg, tomato, lettuce and French fries between two pieces of Italian bread.” Fortunately, even though he is familiar with both that, and the “steak salad” (steak and fries and blue cheese dressing on iceberg lettuce), my boyfriend is unfamiliar with scrapple. Of course, I love him enough that I would probably put up with something like a weakness for scrapple – but thankfully, I don’t have to.

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