stupid office tricks

The company serves us lunch on Mondays. It varies: pizza, Chinese,
Subway. Today it was Boston Market: chicken, mashed potatoes, sweet
potatoes, green beans, corn, corn muffins. All in big, tinfoil
containers, one of which contained gravy. Of course, due to its
nature, every time we get gravy, there’s leftovers.

And every time there’s leftover gravy, the guys in my department bribe
one of my co-workers to drink a cup of it.

Which he did. 12oz of gravy, for $30.

This would be a lot less funny – and more disgusting except for two
things. One, it’s a running gag, and running gags are always funny.
Two, the guy in question really likes gravy, so he’s fine with
consuming it.

Yes, folks, I work in one of them sitcom-like offices. Someone find
me a laugh track.

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