x-posted a few places: commute on a bike!

Are you tired of sitting in traffic? Tired of high gas prices? Tired of breathing the fumes from all that high-priced petroleum? Tired of supporting the car culture?

Well, here’s your chance to try to learn a different approach to getting to work. Roll With It is a program which will pair experienced bike commuters with n00bs, and teach them how easy it is to get to work safely and happily on a bike.

I ride to work in Beverly Hills once or twice a week, from Venice. People ask me about this all the time – isn’t it far? aren’t you afraid of traffic? It is far, but I don’t go too fast, and I am not afraid of traffic because I know how to avoid it (bike lanes up Venice, side streets, etc). But it’s tough for people to just start riding to work when it’s not something they’re used to.

If you’re a cyclist, sign up at the website to mentor. If you’re a company, encourage your employees. If you’re someone who wants to join in this crazy bike cult that you read about on blogging.la, this is your chance. And if you just can’t seem to find the time to get to the gym, this is a great chance to combine both your commute AND your fitness.

Tomorrow is the official kickoff, but this will be an ongoing effort. Let’s Roll With It!

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