data dvd 1: 9voltrevolt :: dead can dance

Right now, I’m in the process of burning copies of my MP3 library. I burned Data DVD 1 of 4 tonight. That’s one of four data DVDs with goth/industrial/RBM/dark techno/dark 80s. I haven’t even figured out what I have in terms of indie/alternative/electronica.

So here’s the list of albums on the first disc. Keep in mind, these suckers are 4GB apiece. And yes, I know I’m missing some Bella Morte and Beborn Beton – but I never said my collection was complete. Just passable. And I do have more cheesy synthpop I’m not including – not to mention the whole Dead Can Dance back catalogue. There’s just only so much music anyone can get through.

9VoltRevolt – Gravity
9VoltRevolt – Never
A Perfect Circle – AMotion (Remixes)
A Perfect Circle – eMotive
A Perfect Circle – Thirteenth Step
Abandoned Pools – The Reverb EP
Abney Park – From Dreams Or Angels
Abney Park – Taxidermy
Abney Park – The Death of Tragedy
Alaska Highway – attitudes of a different mind
Alphaville – Salvation
Alphaville – Soul Messiah
Amduscia – From Abuse to Apostasy
And One – agressor
And One – I.S.T
Android Lust – Devour, Rise and Take Flight
Apoptygma Bezerk – 7
Apoptygma Bezerk – APBL 2000 (Live)
Apoptygma Bezerk – Welcome to Earth
Apoptygma Bezerk – You And Me Against The World
Askii Disko – Ascii Disko
Assemblage 23 – Addendum
Assemblage 23 – Defiance
Assemblage 23 – Failure
Assemblage 23 – Storm
Ayria – Debris
Ayria – Flicker
Bauhaus – Crackle
Beborn Beton – Tales From Another World
Bella Morte – Where Shadows Lie
Benny Benassi – Hypnotica
Benny Benassi – Presents The Biz
Cesium 137 – Hollow
Cesium 137 – Intelligent Design
Claire Voyant – Love is Blind
Claire Voyant – Time and the Maiden
Clan of Xymox – Breaking Point
Clan of Xymox – Twist of Shadows
Clan of Xymox – Weak in My Knees
Collide – Chasing the Ghost
Collide – Some Kind of Strange
Collide – Vortex (remixes)
Combichrist – Everybody Hates You
Corvus Corax – Cantus Buranus
Covenant – Europa
Covenant – Northern Light
Covenant – Sequencer
Covenant – Skyshaper Limited Edition
Covenant – United States of Mind
Cruciform Injection – Critical
Cylab – Satellites
Dead Can Dance – Dead Can Dance 1981 – 1998

Tomorrow, I’ll find out how many data DVDs of indie/classic alternative/electro/80s I have. I suspect it may be as many, or more, gigabytes as the goth collection. Especially since I scanned in a shelfload of Tori Amos CDs last week.

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