back on the wagon. i mean, wheels

I’m back on my bike again. I fell out of the habit months ago, because I had a recurring flat, and I’m only now JUST getting back into Riding To Work. And now I’m remembering how much I love flying through L.A. on my bike, around cars and over curbs. I’m remembering how much more freedom I feel like I have on the bike: going around traffic jams, the wrong way on deserted one-way streets. And I already feel the kick from the exercise. Lack of cardio is probably the biggest reason I’ve been so tired lately. That, and this stupid commute to/from the 626 twice a week.

Today is Friday, too. And while I admit, I’m a little bitter that I’m no longer at the sort of agency that gives a long weekend Friday off (every Omnicom agency – from my former Tribal/DDB through OMD and Chiat/Day have today off), I’m just glad it is a long weekend. I’m not going anywhere, , because I live in a region with so many people that travelling in those crowds would make me insane. But I am going to take the weekend to catch up with my friends, and maybe, just maybe, to do the 225th Anniversary of Los Angeles walk on Monday morning.

Of course, since I’m planning to go to Malediction Society the night before, I might not have the strength for a 9 mile walk – I should have started the bike and exercise training three weeks ago – but I may yet find a caffeine-fueled way.

And finally, in Good News I Got This Morning, my Experian credit score is actually back up to Average. Not Very Poor or Poor as it has been in the last five years (thank you, Big Scary Mike), but Decent. I’ve been hammering away at the credit reporting agencies to get delinquencies removed, and one of the three has finally caved under my relentless attempts. Now I just need to get Equifax and Trans-Union to share the sentiments, and I will finally be able to dig myself back into debt, just like every other American. Yay!

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