upcoming canadian cultural holidays

Because Canadian Thanksgiving is over a month before US Thanksgiving, I don’t get the days off. Then this year, I got smart. I told HR that it was a cultural holiday and that I was entitled to use personal days and/or floating holidays, which are earmarked for holidays “not on the company holiday schedule.” To make me eat into my actual paid vacation days would be disrespecting my proud Canadian heritage!

So I have a four day Thanksgiving weekend now. And I booked plane tickets to go home. Tickets, plural because, that’s right kids, it’s time for my boyfriend to meet my parents. And, more importantly, I need Paul to see my corner of the world. My father asked if he’d ever been to BC before, and when I told him “no,” Dad said, “well, it’ll be a bit of a treat for him, won’t it?” I hope so. I hope it doesn’t, y’know, rain, and that British Columbia is in full Crayola-box fall when I bring him to the Island.

Now. For those of you I love, those of you I miss, those of you reading this from Vancouver, you are all going to get your chance to sit down and grill the guy that myschadenfreude refers to as “Gothy McNerd”. You’ll likely get the standard “people. bar. now.” email about meeting at Lou’s or the Wolf and Hound or something on Sunday, October 8th. I’m just warning you now. I’m also expecting that there will be a Lotus Long Weekend party to hit that night as well, plus we’ll be in Vancouver until Monday evening, so there’s lots of time for you all to see me. And also – my boyfriend may be an American, but trust me – you won’t notice. He doesn’t have a hilarious accent or anything.

harbour at sunset (farewell to the island)Meanwhile, I’m looking forward to getting home. I just uploaded a lot of photos from my last trip home at my Flickr page. Go check them out. Then envy my boyfriend for having the luck to pick out a girlfriend from a really beautiful city that she wants to take him to. (Photo at right of Victoria Harbour, taken a few weeks ago as I looked back from the Clipper, heading back to the States)

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