my birthday weekend begins today!

My birthday weekend begins tonight! My much-loved good friend Wendy, who is one of my Best Friends In Los Angeles, organized my birthday dinner, and invited ten of my closest friends to dinner at a Mexican restaurant in Venice tonight. This is the kickoff to my birthday weekend, which somehow, manages to run four days every year. Last year, my birthday started on the Thursday when we went to Brennan’s for turtle racing and shots, and then ran through Friday (birthday dinner) and Saturday (birthday house party -slash- birthday celebration at Bar Sinister) and Sunday (recovery). In 2004, the weekend started with drinking on the Thursday (actual birthday), ran through the company party the next day, and continued through Saturday’s house party and crashing someone else’s beach house party in Hermosa on Sunday. I’m hoping to keep up this pattern, because I like having the occasion of my birth something that needs to be celebrated for an extended period of time.

This year though, most of my birthday will be spent at Bats Day weekend. There’s bands and DJ’s Friday and Saturday night, which is why Paul and I are staying down in Anaheim at the hosting hotel for the weekend. Saturday is my actual birthday, and since the daytime is free of Bats Day activities, Paul’s going with me on my history nerd expedition to San Juan Capistrano. Basically, I’m spending the weekend shacked up with my boyfriend in a nice hotel, seeing goth bands, and going on a historical field trip. Much less potential to drink to the point of falling over like I usually do.

The centerpiece to my birthday is on Sunday: the Big Trip to Disneyland. That’s the official Bats Day in the Fun Park – the actual day that the hundreds of goths descend on Disneyland – but I’ve modified it to be my birthday trip. Ten of my friends are going along for the ride(s). This is going to be a ridiculous day. I’m pretty sure the Flickr set will be hilarious.

Meanwhile, I am going through all the Bats Day bands this week in anticipation of the weekend of music. Yesterday, it was Cylab’s new album, which I pulled down off Today, it will be the Abney Park back catalog. Also, I have found MP3s of many Disney songs, including the Tiki Room song, “Yo Ho, A Pirates Life for Me” and…IT’S A SMALL WORLD, in MP3. I feel almost adequately prepared for the weekend now.

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