los angeles’ most cuddly cat

Evil is back in residence this week. We’re thinking of naming him Dante because he’s not even supposed to be here today.

But for those of you who haven’t met him, Evil is a wonderful cat, despite his name. He’s big and fat and cuddly. He LOVES to snuggle, and thinks he’s a live-action teddy bear. He curls up in laps and purrs. He nudges people to get their attention, and purrs as soon as he does. And, of course, being as fat as he is just makes him cuddlier. He especially loves to curl up in bed with people, and would even nudge his way under my arm to sleep. He takes to people VERY quickly, too, and adapts rapidly to a new environment if properly introduced to it. And I can’t emphasize enough what a cuddly, snuggly cat he is. He just loves people, and cuddling, and would sit on me and Andrew for hours at a time if we’d let him.

Also, he is kind of hilariously fat, so he’s HOURS of entertainment and shock value for visitors (“My! That cat is LARGE!”)

Right now, the real-life Garfield is living with my boyfriend Paul out in Pasadena. But Paul can’t keep him forever, because he never wanted a full-time cat. So I’m searching for a home for Evil. He comes complete with health certification from California, and rabies documentation from Washington State, all his food dishes and litterbox and everything you need to get started with this lovable cat.

Please, if you or anyone you know would like a cat, it’s very important to me that I find him a good home. I love this cat – I
really do – and if I could, I would keep him. I want nothing more than to see him happily settled with people who will love him as much as Andrew and I did. Ideally, I’d also like to find this new home in the next two weeks, before he wears out his welcome at Paul’s apartment.

Please call me at 310-570-7622 if you are interested in this snuggly cat. Photos below. Yes, he is THAT CUTE.

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