when the night comes down, i hope i’m out of the rain

I have had Matt Good’s “Alabama Motel Room” stuck in my head for days.
I was humming it while shopping at Thrifty’s yesterday with Mom even.
It must have been the return to Victoria that catapulted me back in
late 90s can-con rock, but whatever it was, it was torturing me,
because the only Matthew Good Band album I own is “Beautiful Midnight”

Lo and behold, Rhapsody adds “In a Coma” to their list – which seems
to be a Matt Good retrospective, with both the band and his
solo work on it. I’m not sure if that’s what it’s meant to be, or if
it’s a U.S. only release, Matthew Good 101, but now I can crank
“Symbolistic White Walls” to my hearts content. This is something
Americans cannot possibly understand – but that’s OK. My late 90s
CanCon nostalgia ran deeper than I could have expected a few years

By the way, yes, I was in Victoria this weekend. For, like, twenty
four hours, and via Seattle, not Vancouver. I’ll see all you people
in Vancouver at Canadian Thanksgiving, but this trip was just about
spending a weekend in Seattle with Mom. And i have photos and writing
to do about what a wonderful time I had, and how I had the chance to
fall back in love with Seattle again, but all that will have to wait.
For now, I’ll luxuriate in some cancon and finish working, and think
of meaningful things to say.

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