the bluest skies i’ve ever seen are in seattle

I’ll be back up in my old stomping ground of Seattle for the next few days, visiting with Mommy and enjoying the extreme noise events of Seafair. We’re staying at the brand new Hotel Max in Belltown – I picked it – and going on the Royal Argosy on Saturday for dinner. We’ll be checking out the new stores in Fremont, canoeing at the UW, and shopping at the Nordstrom Rack. And I’ll be insisting on at least an hour wandering Pike Place Market, which even as a local, I never got tired of.

It’ll be good to get home for the weekend – I’ve missed Seattle. I’ll see everyone next week when I get back. And for those of you who would like to catch me up in the Northwest this weekend, text me via my user info page, and I’ll find you somehow while I’m home.

Oh, and check out my latest post on gunshots in Venice last night, over on I lost sleep due to mystery shots in the night. At least, I think they were shots. I’m sure the news report will tell me if it was more gang violence, or just firecrackers.

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