if i can’t have discotronics, i’m going to disneyland!

Back in Vancouver, nafspeak (August 18th), cracksmurf (August 9th) and I would all celebrate our birthdays together by going to Discontronics. This is the disco dance party at the Commodore in Vancouver. People actually dress up for this event, too, raiding thrift stores to create real 70s style outfits. I always wussed out and wore 70s influenced clothing than the real thing, but I also always had a blast dancing for hours to disco with my friends.

Not to mention watching Senator at Large, Dave Tompkins, performing Boney M’s “Rasputin”.

However, it has been two years since I lived in Vancouver. And last year, I had a fantastic birthday here in L.A., at Bar Sinister. Which is where I would undoubtedly be (especially with Malediction Society returning to Sundays) this year, except for one thing: my birthday is BATS DAY WEEKEND!

I think I’m really too old to be celebrating my birthday by getting stupid drunk. Therefore, I’m celebrating it by going to Disneyland and yelling “ARRRRRR MATEY! HOW BE YER WAFFLES?!?” to the people trying to enjoy breakfast at the Blue Bayou restaurant in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. (It’s a good thing my boyfriend thinks I’m adorable, because I might get away with that)

From: Jillian
Date: Jul 18, 2006 12:29 AM

[reposted from email]
Hey y’all –

This year, as a fortunate coincidence, BATS DAY IN THE FUN PARK is on August 20th – which is the day after I turn 28!

What is Bats Day, you ask? Actually, most of you have heard me talk about it, with great glee. It’s Goth Day At Disneyland, when goths from SoCal and beyond converge at – where else? – the Haunted Mansion, as soon as it gets dark. The evening before is an event called “The Nightmare Before Bats Day”, which some of us are also going to, which is in a hotel ballroom near the park (http://www.batsday.net/nmb4bd/nmb4bd.htm) Those of us attending will go to the show, stay in Anaheim, and then go to the park first thing in the morning so we can IMMEDIATELY get on the new Pirates of the Caribbean ride.

I’m emailing everyone now because Nightmare Before Bats Day tickets must be purchased by Friday the 21st. For the day in the park itself, all you need is a regular one day pass. Goth clothing is optional, although it is certainly a nice touch, but it’s just another day in the park for everyone else (albeit a day in the park with a lot of spooky people in black wandering around)

More info and Nightmare Before tix are at:

Otherwise, we’ll hope to see you on Sunday, August 20th at Disneyland!


PS. Andrew and I are also bringing our plastic cutlasses, and will be yelling like pirates all day. You have all been warned. Arrrr.

PPS. There will likely also be a bar component to my birthday on Friday, August 18th, held locally in Venice. Evite will go out when I figure out which bar.

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