a weekend of spookiness

FRIDAY: Fright Night! Our friend Paula was debuting her horror short, “Monster Movie Madness”. I laughed, I cried, I cringed at the zombies eating the postman. Fright Night is run by the same guy who does Bats Day, aka Goth Day At Disneyland, aka “Jillian’s 28th Birthday Celebration”. Fright Night is a double feature of bad horror movies – horror and/or scifi – that are usually at least twenty years old, and have become cult hits. There’s a band in the middle, a raffle for a dead body, and the whole thing is held in the C.I.A. (California Institute of Abnormal Arts), which looks like a cross between Ripley’s museum, Pee-Wee’s playhouse, and the patio space at Bar Sinister.

However, because this week’s movie was so terrible, we left early, and ended up helping out a friend whose car had been hit by an asshat. I wrote that one up for b.la, so I won’t repost here.

SATURDAY: Paul and I went to the library. Yes, we’re nerds. This got very evident when I disappeared into the history section, and he went upstairs to the science section. I reappeared with a book on Queen Emma of England, and he was happily reading instructions for alchemy in the middle ages. Both of us chose majors we had a great deal of interest in, so even on summer weekends, we’re still happiest reading in our subject areas.

After selecting books, and going for pho at Golden Deli in Arcadia, we returned to his house in Pasadena to prepare for the evening. Saturday was the last night of Malediction Society on a Saturday. The condensed version seems to be that the Saturday night is not only lukewarm, but is detracting from the Sunday evening as well. It’s a shame, because I like Malediction just a bit better than Bar Sinister, because there is a higher percentage of the music I own and listen to, and I’m more likely to spend a higher percentage of time on the dance floor. And then when I get overheated from dancing in July, I can go outside onto the very open and spacious roof patio and chat with my friends while I cool down.

Anyways, I spent the requisite hour fixing my hair, getting dressed, and applying a half-inch wide border of liquid black eyeliner, and then we headed for the club, where three hours flew by. I think I spent two of the three hours on the dance floor, either on my own, in the sort of whirly goth dancing I can only pull off when half drunk, or dancing with the boyfriend. It was a lot of fun, and we closed the club down…but it will be a long time until I can close down a Malediction evening again. Sundays are not a good night to go out, when I have to be at work at 8am.

Still, it was a wonderful weekend of wearing black and being spooky. I’m counting down to Bats Day now. Fright Night, combined with watching Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark tonight, got me all psyched up for the Haunted Mansion and Indiana Jones rides at Disneyland. But there’s a lot of work between those spooky weekends, and I’d better go get some sleep to prepare for it.

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