in dragonboat solidarity

I met fellow blogger Joz for the first time ten days ago, at our Dragonboat practice. When she came home from practice, she found out that her father had had a stroke. Her tale, of how she and her family held each other together for the last week, is up on her blog

I went through enough of a close call with my own father two years ago to know how horrifying it is to think of losing a parent. And so, my thoughts are with Joz. Losing someone you love out of your life is the worst thing I believe can happen to anyone. One of my very dearest friends here lost her mother last fall, after a long battle with cancer. One of my other beloved friends has just learned her mother has terminal cancer as well. A third friend has a father with a life-threatening condition. It goes on, and on. Suddenly, me and my friends are old enough that our parents have aged, and are suddenly no longer the invincible, immortal figures that we always thought they were, and the sorrow that each of my girlfriend has gone through, or is going through, is immeasurable.

I have to go call my parental units now and tell them I love them. And while I’m at it, I think I owe some phone calls to check on some friends. Today’s the Fourth of July, and it’s supposed to be a day for family, right?

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