it’s better than being down the coal mines

I’m working today on an analysis of competitor sites for a client pitch Tuesday. I’m rapidly re-learning what a terrible idea is to spend all day Saturday drinking when you have to use your brain the next day. Because yesterday, it was a day of back to back parties, and I started drinking at 3pm – and ended around 1am. And it’s been years since I did a ten hour boozeup like that, by which I mean, since I was in my last year at UBC.

So right now, I’ve just slammed a diet Red Bull into my system, and I’m eating organic chocolate and listening to a mix CD the boyfriend made me, seventeen tracks of Chameleons UK (including the song that was on when he asked me to dance at Bar Sinister) and Red Lorry Yellow Lorry and hoping that I can trance into work enough to get analysis of ten sites done in two hours.

Which is what I’m going to do right now instead of writing blog entries. But there’s going to be some stuff coming on soon – photos from the Gold Line train ride on Friday, and a tale of Dragon Boat practice. And I should have new stuff up on Flickr tonight. Links to both sites are to the right. Remind me to post all that stuff if I don’t get it all live tonight and tomorrow.

So much for just taking a Sunday to be hung over.

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