and in the news from hollywood

Clonie Gowen is challenging Paris Hilton to a poker game.

Clonie is a former Miss Oklahoma who is appearing in MAXIN this month, and is decreed by some to be the world’s hottest professional poker player. She’s also one of the nine original poker pros who were on Team Full Tilt. And she’s telling Paris to put her skills where her mouth is. Which I’m sure she does on a very, very regular basis, but this time, we’re talking about poker skills. (RIMSHOT!)

Anyways, Full Tilt is putting up $100,000 for the tournament, and it goes to the winner’s choice of charities. So here’s hoping Paris sashays her way up to the table, because that would be a LOT of cash for the needy. Besides, Paris thinks she’s a poker player, even though she’s rumoured to have lost her Bentley in a game. Let’s see her prove it.

And not that I know anything about it, but if you see this particular clip of info on other blogs out there, please tell me so I can track it. Not that I, y’know, seeded the blogosphere with this one, with the help of a wonderful former colleague who runs

In other news, this dress looked better in black. And it looked better in black on me.

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