in honor of my return to Canada

GoFugYourself does the MMVAs. Proof that Canadians love, love, love the snark. We may not have the hang of capitalism, but we SO have the hang of sarcasm!

By the way, speaking of the snark and the sarcasm and the GenX commentary, I saw Doug Coupland read at a bookstore here in Beverly Hills on Monday. I am not the biggest fan of his latter surrealistic writings – are they novels? are they are? DOES HE KNOW? – but I loved microserfs, and Life After God is one of my favorite books, and no one understand Deep Love Of Vancouver quite like Coupland and his City of Glass. And seeing him speak and read was really outstanding. He read from his new book, jPod, but spoke at length around the reading. Listening to Coupland, his randomness, his laconic tones, his Simpsons references, I realized – there’s definitely Something In The Water up there, because most Vancouverites seem to have that sarcasm-without-cynicism thing going on. Like we’d all love to be cynical, right up until we see the Straits from the Lion’s Gate at sunset, or go for a walk at Jericho on a sunny Saturday morning, or breathe in the air coming down off the mountains, or look at downtown from across the Inlet…and then it’s impossible to be cynical anymore, so we just stick to being snarky.

I’m on a flight back to my homeland in about eight and a half hours, by the way. I haven’t been home in six months, which is far too long, and now I can’t wait to get back to Victoria. I’m going to sleep and eat and spend time with my dog for two days, and I will be very happy about it. And maybe I’ll regain some Canadian snark while I’m up there.

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