the three month mix

And now, I present: the tracklist of the CD I am burning for the boyfriend for our three month this weekend. That’s three months since we met at Bar Sinister. So here’s what goes on the CD – all songs that fit the relationship, or which have come on when we’ve been dancing together.

1. the chameleons :: swamp thing (because that is what he first asked me to dance to. All together now, folks: awwwwww!)
2. birthday massacre :: holiday (which is what I was listening to on repeat on the way home from the club, and which is his favorite song on “Violet” – it comes up a lot on the playlist he built to run when I’m at his house)
3. siouxsie :: face to face (it’s the only Siouxsie song that seemed remotely appropriate, and I love Siouxsie, and it fits between Birthday Massacre and Sisters of Mercy)
4. sisters of mercy :: dominion (mother russia) (because it is the Sisters track that gets played the most at Bar Sinister, and what I remember dancing to)
5. editors :: blood (we were talking about this album on our first date)
6. covenant :: ritual noise (it’s the new single and I really like it, although I’m considering swapping it out for a Seabound track)
7. depeche mode :: precious (we slow dance to this song a LOT because it’s in frequent rotation at all the clubs right now, and he knows how much I love Depeche Mode)
8. wolfsheim :: once in a lifetime (I love this song, I hear it at Malediction Society, and I think he’ll recognize it from the This is Neo Goth compilation we both own)
9. juno reactor :: god is god (it played on his random MP3 playlist one Sunday and then coincidentally came on when we were on the dance floor four hours later)
10. vnv nation :: standing (because it’s heartbreakingly sad, and I’ve dragged him onto the dance floor every time it’s come on at Bar Sinister)
11. apoptygma bezerk :: kathy’s song (album version) (this song is just perfect, trust me)
12. massive attack :: teardrop (another slow dance song)
13. loreena mckennitt :: mummer’s dance (this came on during a shoegaze set at the Darkroom one night when we were in the middle of a fairly heavy conversation)
14. depeche mode :: judas (because it’s one of my favorite Depeche Mode slow songs)

For a goth nerd couple, this is drippingly romantic. Trust me. Anyone have any other suggestions or comments?

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