creative ways across L.A.

Unrelated to anything, but I didn’t know there was Team Jolie and Team Aniston issues still, but there are, and I’m still on Team Jolie, so I thought this entry was hilarious. I’m on Team Jolie, obviously. First of all, I never liked Jennifer Aniston, and thought her character on Friends was the most obnoxious person to walk the planet. Second, I’ve idolized Angelina Jolie for years. She has tattoos! She’s not blonde! She’s actually trying to DO SOME GOOD by drawing attention to third world poverty! Is anyone actually on Team Aniston?

Anyways. Back to the actual subject line of this entry. This morning, I went from Pasadena, west on the 134 past Los Feliz and Glendale to Burbank, down over the Cahuenga Pass to Hollywood, and through Hancock Park and Mid City to Beverly Hills. Total time: one hour.

Total time late for work? 40 minutes.

We’re supposed to be here at 8:30am, and I’ve been sneaking in at 9am all week, and my boss is not happy.

I’m going to have to start accepting that I need more sleep again and going to sleep early enough to get up at six, leave at seven, and get to work at 8am to make a point. I don’t like getting the “other people are here before you, and they’re here after you lecture.” I don’t like having my job performance negated by my inability to get here on time. And I don’t like losing that hour of the East Coast workday.

Sigh. This post, by the way, was made mostly so I can get this out of my system. Doesn’t everyone have that one bad habit that holds them back? I have a few, but being late is a big one. Does anyone have any suggestions beyond just “willpower” for motivating myself into being on time?

On the bright side, I did manage to get from Pasadena to Beverly Hills in one hour flat, in rush hour. THAT is an accomplishment. AND I didn’t get lost, AND I got to see some very very pretty scenery, June sunshine on the hills around the freeway. It was drop-dead gorgeous coming out of Pasadena, and didn’t even look like L.A. It was a gorgeous drive – it just needs to be a drive I make at 7am, not 8am, if I make it at all.

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