i bet you look good on a dance floor

Due to the long weekend, I was finally able to go out to Malediction Society last night. This is another of those goth nights I’ve wanted to go to forever, but Monday’s are usually an early morning for me. But without anything to be up for today (except catching up on some work), and with the camping trip I’d planned cancelled (again, the work thing), I was actually able to go.

And I had so much fun! I went with the boyfriend, and his friends Lisi and Paula, and by coincidence, all of us managed to show up at almost the exact same time, just before eleven. At which time, the club was already most of the way full. xianvox, club promoter and DJ, says that there were 717 people there, and I believe it, because the club was packed inside and out. With the Aristocracy Ball theme though, I was wearing my much-beloved PVC dress. Which, in retrospect, while the most appropriate choice in appearance, was not the most obvious for temperature. Because I danced for hours, on a very warm, packed dance floor, and by the end of it, was dripping into my satin slingback heels.

It was still a really wonderful evening. I spent most of the three hours on the dancefloor, starting with the moment I got in for Apoptygma Bezerk’s “Kathy’s Song”, and running through the next series of synthpop tracks: Seabound, Covenant, Depeche Mode. I danced for hours, through Amanda Jones’ industrial set, only taking breaks every few minutes to stand outside and cool off. And while I did dance with Lisi on the songs we both knew (I especially remember dancing and singing along to a Wolfsheim track), I mostly danced with Paul. We met on a dance floor, most of our dates involve dancing, and it’s a shared love between us.

On the moments I was on break, I did also get to seriously study the outfits in the club. And there were a lot of people who had gone to a lot of effort and investment to put together costumes. I saw many beautiful period outfits inspired by the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. I saw one girl in a full medieval velvet gown with a boyfriend in a frock coat to match. I saw corsets and bustiers I coveted terribly, and every mode of goth imaginable. I love looking at the outfits at Sinister, and the dress last night was even more elaborate and detailed than at that club. I’m inspired now to find a way to make or create or buy an eighteenth-century influenced outfit for the Masquerade Ball next month – although I have no idea what I’m going to come up with for HEX HOLLYWOOD in two weeks.

We left at two in the morning, collected a half-dozen rave cards each from promoter minions outside the club (there’s going to be a LOT of goth clubbing this summer) and then took off for the 110. And so I will leave you all with one of the evening’s more hilarious tracks: the Closer to Mario remix. It’s NIN’s “Closer” with Super Mario music mixed into it! I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP. The download link’s on the page.

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