not that i’m usually out on a thursday…

…but I got a MySpace message from my friend Lisi earlier tonight, saying that she and another friend were going out to Perversion, which is the Thursday night goth club event. And due to a combination of Not Having Enough Goth Friends, and Living In Venice, I hadn’t made it to that particular club yet, even though I’d certainly heard wonderful things about it. It’s in Hollywood after all, and Hollywood is Far (although not as far as Pasadena).

But for some reason, going out and dancing sounded like a particularly good idea, and since I have no idea when I might get the chance to go again, I decided to jump on it, take a nap, slug some coffee, straighten my hair and head out for LaBrea at Hollywood, where the club is. I broke out the new outfit I bought last week: a polo-neck black shirtdress, thigh-high black and white striped socks (both from American Apparel), and a pair of high-top Converse sneakers with red flame designs on them ($15 at TJMaxx), and added studded wrist cuffs and my Pirates of the Caribbean skull-and-bones necklace. I put on eyeliner and red eyeshadow and dark lipstick. I looked dreadfully goth for Venice, but I’ve found out that once I leave the Westside, I don’t look nearly as extreme.

I got to the club at midnight and wandered in, and the thought bubble appeared: why have I not been here before? It reminded me a bit of the Church in Dallas, with a giant central room with goth/industrial/EBM, a front room with eighties/electro/indie, and a back room with goth/darkwave (the Church has the first two, but not the last). And it was actually full of people, most of whom, despite the 18+ status, were in their twenties. And, like any other goth club, part of the fun for me is just watching people, what they’re wearing, how they’re dancing. I love looking at the outfits that people put together to go out, from the extreme shoes to the unique jewelry. And I love dancing. That’s why it was well worth the late school night to go out.

I found Lisi on the industrial floor, and within fifteen minutes, we were happily squealing and dancing to VNV Nation. We danced most of the night, shifting rooms when necessary. We have similar tastes in music, which is, sadly, something I don’t share with many of my friends here. However, I’ve acquired a few goth friends through the boyfriend. which definitely affects how much I go out. It’s easier to convince my friends to go out on a Saturday than it is to get them off the Westside on a Thursday, which is why my group excursions have been limited to Sinister once every few weeks. Now, I’ve spent more time in the goth scene since I started dating the boyfriend (and, by proxy, his friends) than I have since I left Seattle years ago.

Anyways. I got to dance to “Love Will Tear Us Apart”, and “Cities in Dust”, and a whole slew of other things I like (from Underworld to Covenant). Now, my straightened hair has a slight scent of clove cigarettes, my legs are tired from dancing, and I’m happy in the way I only get when I’ve been moving for a couple hours out on a dance floor to the music I love so much. And I’m also happy because I have new friends, and I like them lots, and new friends are always fun, and I know that even if things don’t work out with the boy, I get to keep the girls. And while that may mean less sleep on Thursdays, it’ll also mean more nights out, in places I enjoy being at.

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