in need of a couch in Vancouver

Thursday, June 15th – anyone want to volunteer a couch? I’m flying into Vancouver around midnight, but can’t get onto the Island until the next day. Such are the restrictions placed on my flight by Alaska’s airmile redemption program, because I am using my annual free flight instead of paying the $375 to get home that weekend.

And due to extensive committments in Los Angeles for the rest of the summer, this may actually be all y’all’s best shot at seeing me between now and, oh, say, Chrismukkah. I’m planning my second summer trip home in August via Seattle and the catamaran to the Island from there, so I can spend a day shopping there with my mommy. I’ll be skipping Vancouver entirely.

And, that being said, yes, I am homesick, and yes, I am looking forward to getting back to Oak Bay in summer.

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