we are the champions

Last night, we had the Dogtown Division Kickball Championships. Three rounds of games, narrowing four teams down to just one conqueror.

Us Pregnant Cheerleaders took on Ace of Base first. And despite some very flashy defensive plays by them, managed to eke our our first victory – 1 to 0. And with that, we were on to the big game, for the division title, against our archnemesis, the Westside Whackers.

We’d been friendly rivals with the Whackers until about six weeks ago, when they trounced us in a humiliating defeat. And I mean humiliating. Through a combination of moxie, guts, humor and heart (and a few really talented players), we Preggos usually manage to win. But the Whackers beat us that terrible night, with a score of 14 to 2. Given that usually, games have scores like 5 to 3, or 2 to 1, or maybe 7 to 4, fourteen points was an unheard of total of runs – and a twelve-point gap of defeat left us in shock.

So the Whackers were pretty confident last night, going into the game. They expected a victory – even if it wasn’t as extreme as the last one. But we wanted vengeance more. And we got it. We beat the Westside Whackers, twelve to zero. The sloppy defense they’d scored those fourteen runs on was gone. It was time to take back the field. They may have killed us in a regular weekly game, but we destroyed them at the championships.

So TAKE THAT, Whackers! Preggos RULE! And I think now we’re going to regionals!

By the way, LA locals: we’re starting the summer/fall season next month. Those of you wanting to come out and kick some balls should check out http://www.kickball.com. Sign up, come out, play the field. Join a team with a silly name, or start your own. Then you, too, can post hilarious sports commentary posts like this.

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