I’ve discovered that the cure for jetlag is just not sleeping for a day or two before changing time zones. Last night, I was so exhausted that I fell asleep on schedule, West Coast time, and then woke up early enough to be at work at 8:15am.

Of course, I’m pretty sure that the French sleeping pills I was taking to sleep on the plane helped with that. I downed a British chocolate bar and a cup of tea with milk (not to mention two cups coffee) before landing, so I was animated for about three hours upon hitting the ground. Then I realized that I couldn’t pull myself out of R.E.M. sleep. Today, I’m actually in really good shape for having travelled through two continents, three countries and six transportation methods in twenty hours. (Metro, Eurostar, the Tube, a bus replacing part of the Tube route, the airplane, and the car ride home from the airport)

The main point of this entry is just to say that I’m home safe and sound in L.A., and will have to backtrack throughout the week to write up my many Parisian adventures. Including the reason I didn’t sleep Saturday night, which was that I was out until 3:30am Paris time dancing at Le Bal des Vampires. I may have read Interview too many times, but I’m not making that up – that’s actually what the goth night there was called. (There is, however, no Theatre des Vampires, unfortunately)

And now, I should probably get back to catching up on way too much email.

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