london :: day the second

It’s just after one in the morning, as I’m writing this post by email
in the very smoky Generator hostel lounge. I opted AGAINST going to
Slimelight tonight, just because it’s already 1am, and the thought of
getting dressed back up and walking to Islington (about a mile) is
just too much right now. I walked all day with chai_tea_latte, after all, AND then missed the bus from Camden
and had to walk back from there (another mile or so) and now I’m
tired, dammit. I’m sure I’ll regret not going later, but right now,
my bed is more appealing than a goth club dance floor.

Actually, Kate will post about this too, but I’m just having a really
klutzy day. Being hung over makes me clumsy, and it shows. So I’m
tripping over my own feet and dropping things and breaking them. Like
when we were having dessert tonight, in a shop called Coffee, Cake and
Kink. It was a coffeeshop, with coffee in French presses, and sex
toys on the walls. But it was brightly lit and cheerful, and the
displays were very pretty. I actually stopped to pick up a box on
display, a small novelty kit, and promptly dropped it, breaking a vial
of some sort of lubricant. Of course, I paid for the rest of the kit.
And I will probably send it, as a gift, to someone who has more need
of it than I do.

That wasn’t the only incident, either. When getting on the bus to go
up to Camden to pub hop earlier this evening, I actually slipped and
fell on the curb. And my leg went under the bus, and the velvet flat
I was wearing slid off. I got up, laughing, but slightly scared. Falling under a double decker bus is not a non-threatening experience.

But I didn’t break any other glasses at the bar, or drop anything
else. chai_tea_latte will also probably tell about the
hilarious start to my day, so I’ll leave that to her. Suffice it to
say that, due to slight hangover and exhaustion, Day Two in London was
successful, just incident riddled.

Actually, Day Two was ridiculously successful. I saw a lot of London,
and we walked two miles along the Thames. We saw the Egyptian section
of the British Museum. We walked around the Tower of London. We saw
the outside of the Parliament Buildings. Tomorrow, I’ll finish the
BM, and try to take a tour of Westminster before I go to Electrofest. Being home early tonight means earlier start time.

Maybe I should add – last night I was out until almost 3. I met other
Canadians at Xtro, which was another goth/electro night. Canadians
and a handful of other Euros. I ended up chatting with them and
dancing to VNV Nation remixes and generally having a good time – right
up until two days without real sleep caught up with me and I went home
to crash. I also made it to the Devonshire Arms, which was a whole
pub filled with goths, with a DJ spinning much of my favorite music. I like it here.

I’m out of time on my terminal. I like London though. How could I not?

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