let’s hope this works…

I am officially on my ancestral soil in England! To exact, in Camden,
at the hostel I’m staying at. I’m also drinking a £1 Strongbow, which
almost makes up for the £4.50 chili on baked potato I had for dinner.

I’m posting by email so I have no idea if this will go through – but
I’m off to go explore London. By which I mean, ‘make new friends at
goth locations’.

For the record, Virgin Atlantic in-flite entertainment rocks – I
watched two movies, four episodes of the American ‘The Office’ and was
able to check the plane’s progress on an interactive map.

London is…well, I’m still in shock at being here. I can only see
the small details, like how much extreme West London and Heathrow
looked just like Richmond (as in the Vancouver suburb)…or maybe it’s
just that anyplace without palm trees looks the same to me now. It’s
surreal to actually be in England, after being raised half-British in
an English colony. It’s like when I got to New Orleans for the first
time – I’d dreamed of that for so long. This is even more extreme,
because I’ve waited my whole life to be here.

out of time, more 2morrow

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