london calling (day zero)

I’m leaving for London in…nineteen hours! And being as all jet-setty as I am, I am flying Virgin Atlantic. Who have quite the list of amenities, even in economy.

I’m set to go to visit a couple goth events in London on Friday night, and I have a membership card waiting for me at the biggest goth club in Paris. I’m planning my attack strategy for getting through as much of the London museums as I can, because I am a ridiculous history nerd. I’ve realized that all the Futurama-in-French has paid off, and my French is way better than it was two months ago. And I’ve photocopied my passports and credit cards, sent out contact info, and prepared to be an International Traveller for the next ten days.

I think I’m ready to go. This is really it. I’m actually going to see two of the world’s greatest cities. It’s still unreal.

I’ll check in from the UK, unless I am delayed.

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