The Week In Sports

And now, I bring you an excerpt from my kickball game writeup:

    Defensively we got into a little trouble early as Team 5 is known for the bunt and we were missing the gun of Big Papa to fire it to first. But we recovered and witnessed a glorious defensive play by Jillian. Why just one inning earlier we got the ball to her but she didn’t touch the bag so the runner was safe. Well next inning when the ball came to her for the force out on third she made sure she didn’t miss the play and promptly sat down on the base…Jillian kudos to you for some stellar fielding, that play and a stop later in the game were key.

We totally pulverized the other team last night, despite having 10 people instead of our usual 20, just enough to meet team minimum to play. The other team had a full complement, plus they had a ghetto blaster with theme songs for each player. Yet we still killed – 7 to 2.

This has been, the week in random sports!

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